Various items of hardware related to microwaves.

Microwave design techniques are not just usefull for broadcast microwave STLĀ“s but also for coaxial line and substrate activieties. Here are some microwave tools that can be found on the site.

Coaxial lines

Design or analyse your favourite coaxial pipe.



Use of substrates is a common practice. Here you can design and analyse your substrate lines.


Microstrip Coupler

Edge coupler are common for obtaining alow power sample of a high power line.

Edge Coupler

Stepped Transformer

Using stepped microstrip or coaxial lines allow broadband resistance transformation.

Stepped Lines

Wilkinson Transformer

Split or combine in phase power. Choose the best sum point for your desigh instead of the default.


Triway Combiner

Combine and transform three power amplifiers into a load.


Triway + Filter

Combine and transform three power amplifiers into a load with intrinsic low pass filtering.

Triway + Filter

Power Capacitors

At some stage capacitors with hign power capability willbe required.

Power Caps

Power Inductors

Likewise, at some stage your high power filter or matching element wi8ll require a power inductor.

Power Inds

Quadrature Hybrid

Forget sensitive in phase combiners that blow when an amplifier fails. Use a quadrature hybrid instead, better matching, better performance on amplifiers module failure.