About Radiospurs

So you want to know something about us.

The Information

The idea behind this web site is to provide a summary of years of accumulated experience in specific broadcast equipment design areas.

Broadcasting covers areas outside the strict domain of transmitters and studios. There is ancillary equipment like RDS encoder, management problems that require the use of embedded servers, SNMP rituals, Windows control applications.

There is the actual design: using microwave techniques, rf filters, couplers, stripline, microstrip, slabline, coax, combiners etc....

Then there is the actual coverage of the Broadcast Tx, the studio links. All these require a propagation analysis using LongleyRice, Friis, Fresnel Zone, terrain studies,

What you will not find is turnkey solutions because in this world solutions are customised. However in every case you find sufficient information and tips to get a running start to attack the problem. Note: I don't give any guarantee that what you find will be of use in solving your specific design application.