Welcome to the Radiospurs WEB Page

This is radiospurs. A UK based web site for those interested in Broadcasting engineering (FM, mobile, microwave, power slablines, hybrid couplers)


Here we are!

After many years running around the broadcast, microwave, wan/lan worlds this is what we get: a group of web sitse that give you real practical information on what you have always wanted to know about broadcast equipment and some other related topics-

Starting with this web site on FM broadcast ancillary equipment: Stereo Generator, RDS generator, software clips for TX monitoring, SNMP, SNTP.

Lumped Passive Filters

A gamut of passive filter online calculators: Butterworth, Chebychev type 1, Chebychev Type 2, Elliptic, Papoulis, Bessel, Guassian filters can be design and analysed. Choose components from a catalog.

Passive Filter Web Site: https://tools.radiospurs.uk

Microwave Lines

A gamut of online calculators for all things microwave: There is classical microstrip, suspended microstrip, stripline, slabline, coaxial line, powerline, microstrip couplers, stripline couplers, stepped impedance microstrip transformers.

Microwave Web Site: https://microwave.radiospurs.uk

Power Combiners

A collection of online calculators for power combiners: There is the classical two way wilkinson, a three way wilkinson both microstrip and lumped with intergrated LPF, a lumped element multistage hybrid combiner, power capacitors, power inductors.

Combiner Web Site: https://Combiner.radiospurs.uk

Microwave Filters and Multistep Couplers

For the analysis and design of microwave components: Symmetrical / Asymmetrical multistep couplers with positive / negative profiles, a custom multistep profile analysis.

Some microwave filters like an Interdigital designer.

Microwave Component Web Site: https://CPLFilter.radiospurs.uk