The Radiospurs Catalog

Here is a catalog of quick links to varios calculators and sections on our various sites.

Quick Links

All Things FM Broadcast

FM Broadcasting

Propagation, Broadcast Coverage, STL


Circular, Square, Rectangular Coaxial Lines

Coaxial Line

Classical Microstrip, Suspended, Inverted, Edge Couplers (Compensated)


Microstrip Edge Couplers, StripLine Edge Coupler, StripLine Broadside Couplers

Microwave Couplers

Microstrip Stepped Line

Microwave Filter

The Multistep Coupler

Multistep Coupler

Passive Filters, Butterworth, Chebychev, Elliptic, Bessel and Others

Passive Filter

Microwave Filters, Interdigital, Capacitive Gap

Microwave Filter

Power Capacitors, Inductors

Power Components

StripLine, Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, SlabLine, PowerLine


The Classical Wikinson In-Phase Coupler with Microstrip and Node Impedance Choice


Microwave Antennas