A Specialised TextBox for IP Address Entry

Internet addressing is going through a transition phase from version 4 to version 6. Whereas v4 uses 4 octet (32 bits) for an address, the version 6 uses 8 words (16bit words) that is 128 bits. Further more these bits are segmented into 64 bits of structure and 64 bits of interface information. It looks likely that a dual network application should provide a global parameter to set the network version then display the appropiate address structure.

IP version 4 addressing

Based upon collection of four NumericalTextBox with base 10 integers, 0 - 255 range.

Alternative IPv4 Control

A version 4 address provider

IP version 6 addressing

Likewise, the version 6 address collector uses eight NumericalTextBox with hexadecimal entry of 4 digits per box. The collection is split into two segments of 4 words.

Alternative IPv6 Control

A version 6 address provider