RDS V2.0 Page

The New World

This is a summary of the new RDS specification out on request for comments. A full copy can be downloaded from the RDS.org web site and comments made. There is also a new UECP standard to cater for the new v2.0 features.

New Features

Key Features
Seamless support for frequencies from 64 MHz to 108 MHz (AF, EON)
New character coding: UTF-8
New ODA handling, "B" groups are assigned as signalling group to the "A" groups.
Long PS-Name, up to 32 byte with UTF-8 character set. (Indian, Chinese, Arabic, and more)
RadioText (eRT) 128 byte long with UTF-8
Increased capacity from 11.4 up to 57 "A"-groups per second. (2,109 bits/sec. Increasing net capacity with a single modulation-type multiple subcarriers (SMMS) technology)
Graphical RadioText – supports HTML/CSS templates (for smartphones, car radios, computers/tablets)
Supports return channel over gRT if the receiver has IP or SMS capability
Broadcaster's graphical logo(JPEG, PNG, or GIF) – a maximum 4 kilobyte picture
Hybrid Radio features